News » Keeping your ocean clean Ė a marina collection solution

Sewage and bilge waste and oceans just don’t mix and local regulation on discharge from large and small vessels is slowly tightening to keep the two apart. The real problem is now becoming obvious, how to collect that waste liquid in an efficient and clean way.

Facet International has recently combined their proven marine bilge water separation and their vacuum collection technology to produce the simple and scalable “Clean Marina” system to solve this problem. The Clean Marina system allows owners to build holding tanks into their vessels and discharge their liquid wastes when they return to berth, knowing that all waste will then be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Bilge water and sewage is transferred from the vessels using two Facet vacuum collection units. The sewage is then transferred via discharge pumps for shore based treatment or to the municipal network.

The bilge water is treated by Facet’s IMO approved oily water separator unit. The separator removes the particulates, fuels, oils etc from the water and returns the clean water to the ocean with less than 5ppm contaminate, minimizing the volume of waste liquid and therefore removal costs. This remaining waste liquid that is significantly reduced in volume is pumped to a holding tank for disposal.

As Facet’s local representative, H.I.Fraser would be happy to visit your port or marina to help you specify the right size Clean Marina system. From small pleasure vessels through to ferries and even commercial ships, Facet have treatment systems to suit.


Features of the equipment include:



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