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In 2006 H.I.Fraser purchased Total Fluid Power who specialised in the supply of components and manufactured skids to the oil & gas and process industries. Since 2006 we have been steadily integrating all of the warehousing, the manufacturing and testing equipment and the internal sales team into our O'Connor operation.

To mark the completion of this integration, we have given the old Total Fluid Power a new name, H.I.Fraser Fluid Controls. We see this integration as an important step for our customers as we are now able to offer the full services of our H.I.Fraser team when it is required.

A great example of this service was the new Fluid Control's first major supply into the international marketplace where we successfully designed, manufactured and factory acceptance tested three Wellhead Control Panels for a major Australian Oil & Gas company into their gas fields in Pakistan.

These units were electro/pneumatic/hydraulic control systems that operated the sub-surface safety and above ground production valves for three major wells which supply gas industry and for local domestic use. In addition H.I.Fraser Fluid Controls supplied the electrical interface panels which are used to monitor and remotely operate the WHCPs.

In this design and build project, H.I.Fraser Fluid Controls utilised many of our agency products including:



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